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Tompkins Square is a park in East Village, Manhattan, New York City.

This peaceful-looking park was the site of the first organised labor demonstratgion in America that took place in 1874. If years following, it continued to be the venue for shows of discontent, including the hippie movement of the 1960's and the riots that erupted over police eviction of homeless people.

Within the park is a monument depicting a boy and a girl looking at a steamboat. It commemorates the General Slocum steamboat disaster in 1904 which claimed one thousand lives.

How to reach Tompkins Square

Take the L train to the First Avenue subway station. Walk south on First Avenue until intersection of E 10th Street. Turn left and walk east down E 10th Street until you arrive at Tompkins Square Park on your right.

Photos of Tompkins Square

Tompkins Square, New York City
Tompkins Square, New York City
David Shankbone

Tompkins Square, New York City
Tompkins Square, New York City, in winter
David Shankbone

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