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195 Broadway is a 29-storey building in the Financial District of New York City. It was formerly known as the AT&T Building.

195 Broadway was built between 1915 and 1922. The architect was William W. Bosworth, who also designed John D. Rockefeller's estate at Kykuit. It was constructed under the leadership of AT&T's president Theodore Newton Vail, who also became president of Western Union upon its takeover by AT&T in 1909.

195 Broadway, New York City
195 Broadway, New York City

A golden sculpture called The Genius of Electricity once adorned the 195 Broadway building. It was cast in bronze in 1914 and covered with 40,000 pieces of golf leaf. In 1930, AT&T changed the name of the sculpture to The Spirit of Telecommunications, but it is better known simply as The Golden Boy. In 1984 it moved to AT&T's new headquarters building at 550 Madison Avenue, being the centrepiece of the seven-storey lobby.

The Golden Boy stood at 550 Madison Avenue until the building was bought over and today becomes the Sony Building. The sculpture has since been relocated a few more times, and is now standing at the lobby of the Whitacre Tower, in Dallas, Texas, where AT&T's new global headquarters is located. 195 Broadway is often described as a square-topped layer cake. It has numerous columns outside and marble pillars inside.

How to reach 195 Broadway

Take the 4 and 5 subway trains to the Broadway-Nassau-Fulton Street station.

195 Broadway, New York City
195 Broadway, New York City
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